Yahoo! Open Hack India 2012

Beam OS

By Sumit Ranjan, Abhishek Shrivasatava, Akash Chauhan

Team Arkene


Ever felt constrained by the space limit of a single cloud service even though you have multiple free cloud services available? Do you find difficulty in managing your bookmarks and downloading you favourite videos to the cloud? Not anymore !! Chrome Beam brings you all your favourite cloud services integrated and available right inside your favorite browser as a web app. In short, its a cloud OS within the browser! Now you can manage, organize and browse all your files spread across multiple cloud services from a single user-friendly desktop-like environment. Where your files are actually stored - Dropbox, Boxnet, Microsoft Skydrive or Google Drive, let Beam worry about that!

Category: Surprise Us

Tags: Dropbox, Chrome, Web app, Cloud, Storage, OS, Desktop

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