IIT Madras HackU 2013


By Akiti Chandan Reddy, Sasidhar Sanapala, Addanki Raghavendra Kiran, Sashank Vandrangi



Ever lost something that you lent? Ever missed meeting that one person you've been waiting to meet? Ever felt the need for an effortless way to start a hangout? Look no further! The answer may not be 42 but we can still code it! We believe that a connected future is what lies ahead. Quite often, we might need to set up meetings with our friends at short notice, or find our way back to the pack, or even remember to take our headset back ;). This is where this hack comes in. It lets us set up meeting points on the map and tells us who has what we need and where to find him in a click. The best feature yet, is called FriendSonar; where a small click sends out a notification to friends nearby and lets them know that we are in search of ways to kill time.

Category: Communication