IIT Madras HackU 2013


By Sarthak Parui, Sudeshna Roy, Niranjan Mujumdar

Team Byte2Words


What? - A Mobile App that can be controlled just by your eYe gaze movement - Get and Analyze User Viewing Pattern (Can be used for Adaptive Viewing Experience and Analyzing user Browsing Data) Why? - Eye gaze tracking just using device (front) camera is a new concept (Say NO to separate eye tracking devices). - You mostly spend time with the images that you actually love to see. - Eye sees what the mind believes... How? - Eye tracking and gaze movement analysis - 4 T's : Track the Face => Track the Eye => Track the Pupil => Track the Gaze The code will be uploaded by the end of this month at www.cse.iitm.ac.in/~sarthak/hacku/

Category: Communication

Tags: Mobile, gaze tracking, Gesture