IIT Madras HackU 2013

Affective Mario

By Asha Talambedu, Niharjyoti Sarangi, Anuran Mohanty, Anik Sengupta

Team The Master Baiters


Want your games to play with you? Want them to be emotionally attached with you? Welcome to the world of affective games; games that trick you, care for you and even get angry on you. You better not try to cheat. A look at your face and it will know. We give you the retro boss level game "Mario Bros." revamped to play with you. We use facial features detection using a camera and parse it through a Support Vector Machine to detect your emotions providing you a personalized, specially-tuned gaming experience.

Category: Media

Tags: game, mario, svm, kinect, emotion, affective

Source Code URL: https://github.com/niharsarangi/affectiveMario