IIT Kharagpur HackU 2013


By Vipul Jain, Nadeem Anjum, Saurabh Agrawal, Devender Bindal

Team Visual wiki


What? - A Visual Navigator for Wikipedia, with a chrome extension - Clearly filters the important pages connected to a particular topic and displays them in increasing order of importance - Provides a gist of any arbitrary random topic under the sun Why? - Saves Time and Energy - Powerful Brain-storming Tool - Human mind understands visuals better than a large text-linked Wikipedia Hierarchy How? - We use our own novel page ranking algorithm, according to which importance of a node is proportional to the katz centrality and inversely proportional to the hierarchical distance between two nodes in the Wikipedia hierarchy. Hence this scheme finds a cluster of similar nodes while maintaining page ranking scheme within the to return the most important nodes pertaining to a particular topic ** TO BE HOSTED ON CLOUD BY END OF MARCH. LINK WILL BE POSTED ON cse.iitkgp.ac.in/~nanjum/WikiGist **

Category: Science

Tags: chrome extension, D3 js, page rank, data mining, hierarchical distance