IIT Kharagpur HackU 2013

Train QueRies

By Siddharth Rakesh, Arpit Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Yash Bajaj

Team Train QueRies


WHY DID WE NEED SUCH A HACK?- 1)In today's scenario of Indian Railways,to know the current status of our berth,we have to open the browser,go to the pnr enquiry panel,type in the PNR and wait for it to respond.Herculean task!! 2)You are on the upper berth of the train,it is 2 AM in the morning,your train is pathetically slow,you want to know where you are?,you want to know which is the next station?,you are waiting for a train on the station which has not yet arrived but do not like to stand in THE LONG BORING ENQUIRY QUEUE............ WHAT IS OUR HACK? 1)The current software is a train ticket generator along with the QR BARCODE Technology. 2)The train ticket has all the contents of any normal E-Ticket. 3)Additionally,we have 2 QR Codes which would be generated after the user enters the PNR Number and the Train number. 4)The train ticket is printed out. 5)The user uses his Nokia Symbian.v.60/Android(any version)/Iphone or any other device that has a QR CODE Scanner. On scanning the first QR code....BOOM!.THE USER GETS HIS PNR STATUS DIRECTLY. On scanning the second QR code...KABOOM!.The user gets -->the current position of the train. -->all the station's yet to be covered with delays. -->obviously,the delay time of the train from it's expected value. HOW DID WE GO ABOUT??? STEP 1)Firstly,we made a net-beans project in which we took the actual downloaded image of the train-ticket and set it as the background of our frame. STEP 2)We then added text-fields for the PNR and TRAIN Number's at corresponding places of the actual image.Added uninitialized label's for the QR codes. STEP 3) We imported the standard QR code libraries,Made a function that makes the QR code on inputting text. www.railenquiry.in alongwith the Train number in one QR CODE & check-pnr-status.in along with the PNR number in another QR CODE. STEP 4)We now fill the unintialised labels with the QR codes and print the ticket. STEP 5)On scanning the QR Codes the user gets the information which we proposed by opening the URL embedded in the codes. PROPOSAL TO INDIAN RAILWAYS 1)We have manually feeded the PNR numbers and train numbers,but in reality these fields will be inputted at the ticket counter by the actual ticket software. 2)Knowing that WI-FI will be soon implemented in the train,so we have a reliable source of internet always for our QR-Software to work. 3)Considering the fact that,within 3 to 4 years,the print tickets are going to vanish, now,the already established SMS system can be extended to provide direct website links which were stored in our QR code's.But,we are sure that,in the remaining 3 to 4 years,this will be a success.

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Screencast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJJB8D3QqMw&feature=youtu.be

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