IIT Kharagpur HackU 2013

Hisab Kitab

By Manvendra Singh Tomar, M Sudeep Kumar, Ankur Pandey, Ankesh Anand

Team Comfortably Dumb


Hisab Kitab is an indispensable app for friends who need to keep track of shared bills and expenses. Ever found hard to track money in your friend circle? Wish to track expenses on a group travel? Hope to get easy way to clear debts in friends? Find it hard to answer Who owes whom and how much? Try Hisab Kitab to calculate who owes whom in your circle or a trip or family or any where with minimum number of transactions. The app provides a seamless sync across all your friends.With Hisāb Kitab you can add people to your list, add expenses, with every expense you can select who paid for that particular expense and who was included in that expense. From now on, you won`t have to write down your expenses from memory after a tiring trip or that unbearable hangover.

Category: Social

Tags: Money Management, Finance