IIT Kharagpur HackU 2013

Follower Circles

By Rajanya Dhar, Sonam Kumari, Sunandita Patra, Anusha Suresh

Team The Hackateers


The problem to be solved: Twitter users might prefer to post tweets directed at certain groups instead of making a public tweet or sending a personalized message. So, it would be helpful if the user has the groups/communities available to him/her to complete this task. Task solved by our App, Follower Circles • Group your followers into distinct communities/circles • Label these circles on the basis of the common features of its members Future motivation • Tweet to the circle of your own choice Approach • Crawl data from Twitter • Model the graph of the Twitter network • Create clusters using Modularity Approach • Label each class on the similarities in their biography Science Involved/References • Modularity algorithm by Vincent D Blondel to help in cluster creation • Stanford POS(Part of Speech) tagger to detect nouns from biography of the list of followers • Majority approach for labelling of communities

Category: Social