IIT Delhi HackU 2012


By Abhishek Das, Ashwini Khare, Abhay Rana, Shashank Mehta

Team sdslabs


Why? Every video chat service uses a central server for receiving and pushing updates from one person to all others. If people who are in same college try to video chat, their messages literally travels around the world before being delivered to the guy on the same network! That's simply wastage of bandwidth. What and How? HackView aims to reduce the bandwidth utilization and boost speeds of a Video Chat between two or more individuals by forming a peer to peer(p2p) network between the participants using WebRTC. If the users are on the same network this results in a very fast connection. Features: Video chat Text chat Collaborative Doc editing: Markdown preview supported Linking to sites for relevant terms by using BOSS Linking to images on Flickr Chat and Collaborative editing are supported on Mobile devices like android and iPad too.

Category: Media

Hack Url: http://hackview.sdslabs.co.in/

Source Code URL: https://github.com/sdslabs/hackview/