IIT Delhi HackU 2012


By Ameya V. Baporikar, Supriyo Roy, Monisha Pattanaik

Team Genroo


We all get out daily dosage of music via variety of online channels ranging from youtube to grooveshark. However we , especially being in indian subcontinent , are out of choices when it comes to nonstop music streaming / web radio services like spotify,pandora, last.fm , slacker etc because of licensing and territorial restrictions. What do we solve here? Genroo is a extensive Web radio catalog of more than 20 thousand radio stations which are allowed to be listened worldwide without territorial restrictions and they span over hundreds of genres and sub-genres. Genroo provides on the fly track information and a plethora of discovery tools to find whats popular and hot in the genre category you are listening to . On the fly track purchase option, artist biographies, similar discovery etc are to name a few. Genroo aims to Socialize the way you listen to music. More of a discovery engine , it tries to provide a comprehensive listening experience to its users. Genroo leverages upon the vast social graph provided by facebook to tell you what you like the most to listen and creates on the fly information for whatever you listen seamlessly integrating with the music. We have developed the platform in a way that it is accessible over all devices hassle-free and and provides you and equally enjoyable experience no matter where you are and what device you are listening from. And the tech mumble? Genroo is built over Symfony2.0 framework and uses twig rendering engine for separating the business logic with the frontend logic. Twitter bootstrap is the frontend framework used to create the frontend UI of the web interface and Jquery mobile has been used to create the mobile interface. All the Music and metadata processing has been done with OMP3 radio API , Echonest Artist API and Last.fm Audio Scrobbling API. Keep Listening.

Category: Media

Tags: Seamless, Media, Radio, Music

Hack Url: http://genroo.supriyo.me/