Yahoo! Hack Days

Join us for a time of coding, collaboration and creativity as you work to turn your idea into a working prototype in 24 hours.

What is a Hackday?

Yahoo! hackdays bring together developers, designers and people with ideas gather to build cool stuff. Join us for learning, hacking and fun! You'll hear interesting tech talks, hacking tips and lessons, and get hands-on coding workshops where you'll work with cutting-edge technology.

You will dive into a 24 hour festival of coding, camaraderie, demos, awards, food, music and jollity (it's a real word, look it up). It's not about perfect code, just your creativity, a cool idea and a working prototype. You'll have access to tons of APIs and tools in the Yahoo! Developer Network (check out Mojito, YQL, the YUI Library, BOSS and Flickr just to name a few).

No rules or limitations - just show up and hack for your opportunity to win cool prizes, a spot in the gallery, street cred and the chance to start your own startup. This is your shot to develop something that will revolutionize the industry, make the world a better place or at least make the judges laugh (trust us, that goes a long way!). See you there!